mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011


and my new moodboard?! it’s here!!!!
I really love all of these things, the brown bears, mushrooms, chocolate [yess, with 
something salty! last winter in new york I have eaten M&M with pretzels… yummy!],
3d letters to decorate my bed headwall, and the sound of fallen leaf under my shoes…

even scirè is brown!! and I love her…  have I said that already?

love love…

1. pantone 497  2, 6. leaves by a little brown story . heather smith jones
3. color crush 08.17.11 . creature comforts  4. custom designed wooden m . nuzzle
5. gedeone . trudi  7. chocolate & pretzels tart . pictures and pancakes  8. wild sugar
mushrooms . andies speciality sweets

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