giovedì 13 ottobre 2011

virr & kate [spade!]

yes! this month I’m on the same wavelenght with kate [spade!] 
we’re thinking in unison! well… this time I dont’t think she had copied
me like martha did [do you remember when martha take my poppy theme
for her magazine?]

I really love kate and I would like to have everything from her shops, even the 
fitting! and now she has opened in london! mmh… is not  a really great news because
I think this way: when I go abroad I love to buy things I cannot find anywhere else,
it makes things special, a real souvenir from that place… just to make an example…
then brands became world-known, open in other continents and became trendy…
uff! I don’t like thing because are trendy I like things because I like it and
mostly because no one else has the same things I have… yes, I love to be one 
and different from the mass.

now, when anthro opened in london I really love it, but when I go to see the store…
it had been such a delusion… I didn’t feel the same sensations of buying from
anthro in ny… and the price in pound were absolutely crazy!

of course I cannot avoid going to visit kate’s london store… but, I’m sure, not with
the same excitement I feel when I’m in one of her ny stores. however… if I should 
feel the urge to buy something I cannot live without from kate’s… I know that 
in only two hours I could be in london and satisfy my desire!!

or maybe kate [now we are friends! you know… the same color, the same 
wavelenght… kate you are welcome in my home everytimes you want!]
she could send me things I love directly from ny…!

ok… I have to feed scirè now… happy daydreaming!

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