martedì 8 novembre 2011

november grey…

back from bali, I still have in my eyes and in my heart the magical feeling of beeing 
there… bali is an enchanting paradise: nature, people, ancient and fascinating 
culture. amazing! I’m in love with bali!

but I think I will have time to explain you the wonder I have seen during this twelve
days… now I lately give you this month moodboard, all in grey! the perfect november 
color to mecheck it out!

1. cuddly cloud medium . donna wilson  2. pyrite ring . andy lifschutz  3. dewi sri, balinese rice goddess from the royal family palace  4. 100% wool yarn . quince&co  5. color crush 10.08.10 . creature comforts  6. silver glitter!  7. pantone cool grey 9  8. graphite pencil grades  9. macaque in the monkey forest at ubud, bali [so cute!!]

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