giovedì 10 novembre 2011

grey facets… but it’s a sunny day!

hallo dear curious friend!

last month I was totally captured by this artist, russel leng… I don’t know why,
but the facets that make up this kind of clusters, fascinates me!
so much that I tried to make a logo inspired by his works, but has not been
very successful! uff… was so cute!! really!

my favorite among these are the number 1 [I would love to have this hang on my 
wall…] and the number 3… but on his website you could see other great works!

today is a sunny day here in my city and the office is upside down because
of we are moving to a new place, bigger and more beautiful [so they told me, 
I have not seen it yet…]
there is even a garden so I could bring with me my little sweet sciré! 
she’s growing so quickly and became every day more beautiful… maybe one
of these day I will publish a photo of her with the raincoat! she’s very funny,
looks like sherlock holmes’ dog!!

1. new nature system #4  2. relic #4  3. landscape painting #2
4. future finding #10  5. landscape painting #1

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