sabato 26 novembre 2011

the silent guardians…

here I am! It’s saturday morning, after a long walk in the park with sciré and a light
breakfast [just because the only thing I had in the fridge was a yoghurt, nothing else… 
uff! I really need to go to the supermarket today!!] I am here in front of my computer
writing to you… who is you? there is someone there?!

today I just wanna share with you some of the beautiful statues I saw in bali during
my last holiday… I promised you I would have talk about it and so this is the post!

well, I have said bali is a magic place, for many reason but most of all for balinese 
and their love for life. the harmony of balinese, their smiles, are the plus that
make bali fascinating you as no places in the world. they are grateful for everything, 
they say thanks to their gods for the richness of their life. It’s incredible to see
how many temple and little altar they have everywhere.

they make beautiful little squared offering basket filled with rice, flowers, biscuits,
coins or everything they have, then, three time a day, they make the offer
to their gods, to appease them and bring prosperity and good health to the family.

what balinese believes is that there is a balance between the different 
elements in life and afterlife, and the key to obtain it is keeping an 
harmonious relationship with their spirits and the spirits that live in nature,
the smallest gesture have an impact[we discoverd that many balinese can’t 
swim because they believe that seas are home to demons and nasty spirits. 
that’s why their village are built in the inland, near the mountain, 
where good spirits live!]

isn’t this so fascinating…

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