lunedì 21 novembre 2011

grey landscapes…

I’m not here, sadly I know… I have a lot of work curiosetti, and no time to dedicate
to my lovely blog… this make me so sad… and these days, greys and colds
as concrete doesn’t make me feel better!

I think that michael najjar transmits, with his pictures, the november feeling…
everything die, not yet the happily light and decorations of xmas, no more
the warm color of october… fog, freeze wind, tears due to cold that make you
see everything blur…  bad feelings!

and now… now I have to work!! I was in swiss today for a brainstorming
with my colleagues about some very important project we have to realized in
the next few month… and I really would like to have the time to read all my daily
blogs! my blogloving page is about to explode! I have 327 post to read!! omg!
so many things to do and no time!

well… good work to me and goodnight to you!
hope to see you soon!

love love

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