venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

advent calendar: day nine!

day nine…
oh god! I completely forgot to post the day eight!!
I was totally involved in decorating my home for christmas…
but really, I though I had had!

so, to make you forgive me I will post two times today!
let mee see, number 9 it’s about the way you wrap your gift… I use to wrap mine with
newspaper and twine, with a clay tag impressed with a phrase or the name of the
person who receive the present… always so beautiful! but this year I was thinking
about wrapping them with a fuxia polka dots paper… the tag should be round!!
what about your gift? you leave the wrapping made by the shopper assistant
or make it more personal?

then I love this pack at number nine… I wish to receive one similar… this one is from
kate spade [of course, as you have noticed, I adore everything from kate spade…] 

see you later for the second post!

day seven!
the first week is over and tomorrow, here in italy is a festive day, the tradition
want us to set the christmas tree and every decorations. this year I cannot put the
tree in my living room, because sciré is a little bit susceptible to pines, even if fake!!
so everything will be hung on the wall, wreath and garland!

I have a predilection for sparkling decorations in these last two years…
are surely more festive than the elegant and charming white or simple red
ornament… and this shoes, from kate spade, are my dream since I heave seen
them in one of her stores in ny… to wear on christmas eve!!!

day six!
today I choose a thing from my childhood… and I know mela will approve! am I right?

I loved my little pony… when I was a child I have a lot of these little ponies, my
favorite one was a yellow one with a light blue mane… I love them so much that last
year [or it was two years ago? time goes by quickly!] I found a pack of the new
generation miniature my little pony and I bought it. then, for christmas I gave one
each to my best friends! a very appreciated gift! [I kept for me the yellow one! 
it’s named flippity flop… mmmh…]

hooray for my little pony!

day five!
sorry curiosetti…
just popped in to post the 5th day…

love love

…and be optimistic!

day four!
and even if it’s sunday, the day four has come..
today I would wear my new gold confetti ballerina from zara.. but I wish I had
the marvellous clip you could see today! I’m sure if I have these clips I would 
leave a colorful confetty wake walking around!!

day three!
are you thinking about christmas gifts?! well.. today I go to search some inspirations..
I have to take some little present to prru ’cos the main gift is yet decided, a pair 
of skis.. but probably he will go to mountain before xmas.. so.. some little wrapped 
gift under the tree are essential! 

a book? I would love to receive a pile of books like the one in the pics.. 
colored, with great design covers.. when I was in london last spring I found 
fairytale antiquarian bookshop.. there was wall bookshelves full of ‘alice 
in wonderland’ and ‘peter pan’.. amazing! if I had had a million dollar..!!

day two!
second day, second virtual gift! today we have a box of delicious multicolored 
candy. in december there is no diet, everybody should eat everything
they want, in preparation of christmas day! you will have 340 days to take care
with food and beverage from 26 [well, maybe 27… usually left-overs are so
… but december it’s the month of indulgence…
this gorgeous candy box is from olive and cocoa, go to visit their site, there’s a lot
of yummy and heaven looking gift edible box, like this… [I take advantage of this
to reminds you my birthday is on may, so, you have the time to order this
‘oh my god’ box…]
 maybe I should buy this one for super p!!

day one!
hallo dear curiosetti!
today, 1st day of december, the more festive and colored month of the year, 
we start with our advent calendar!! every day you will discover an object 
I choosed to live happily every single day ’till christmas… 
today it’s the number one, and we have lovely multicolored pon pom clip from! just like confetti to put everywhere and make your place festive and joyful!
[thanks to the peekaboo girl for the advent calendar idea!]

see you later with the december calendar!

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