mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

feeling playfully!

I found it! my yellow mini pony!! it’s named bubble and it‘s here at number 7!!
what an emotion! I can feel the sensation of touching its smooth plastic body!

but with the mini pony there were a lot of other characters with the rainbow color,
as the wuzzles [do you remember these strange creatures? half and half, rhinokey 
was my favorite, ippo loved hoppopotamus], rainbow brite,  the care bears

my mother used to paint my room wall with illustrations from the care bears stickers
album, over my bed there was a big sleeping moon with a pending star [yess, like this!!]
tied to the upper crescent. I think the old version of care bears [at number 1. grumpy 
bear, 2. a star, 3. lot-of-love and 5. cheer bear] is absolutely more beautiful and
dreamy than the new version [at number 4. the new version of grumpy bear]
but childhood memories always wins!

and I know it could be creepy but the number 6 anatomical mini pony
and anatomical care bears by jason freeny are very cute!! would like to have one!

love love

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