sabato 24 dicembre 2011

advent calendar: day twenty-four! christmas eve!!

day twenty-four! it’s christmas eve!
are you ready for tonight? santa is coming!!! so thrilling!
reminds to leave cookies and milk, to be good for other few hours, to deck
the hall [fa la la la la, la la la la…] if you are late and to wrap all the christmas 
present you have bought… tomorrow is christmas!! and I’m going around
singing christmas carols all day long! ho ho ho… up on the housetop click click 
click, down through the chimney… 

day twenty-three!
oh yees!! a present for my little sweet sciré.. these at number 23 are the most cute
dog collars I have ever seen, from silly buddy!! may you could not understand how 
much I love her!! she seems to be a little reindeer, if you just put a pair of reindeer
horn on her head… she’s just like rudolph!! [yes, she has a big nose as well!]
every day I sing for her… rudolph the red nosed reindeer, has a very shiny nose…
and if you ever saw him, you would eve say it glows…

day twenty-two!
are you making the countdown? I’m doing it!
there’s always something that suddenly comes to your mind and you have to run
to make everything even if you was sure to have done all the things on the list!
I think I have to do as many things as the confetti on the garland [22.]!

and today I’m just a little angry… yes! because I have invited super p
to a christmas dinner for tomorrow [and to meet sciré for the first time………] but she
has not answered to my rsvp yet… I sent the invite on sunday!! super p are you 
joking? I hope to receive a message by tonight… it’s the umpteenth time!!

day twenty-one!
in three days it will be christmas!

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