martedì 20 dicembre 2011

advent calendar: day twenty!

day twenty!
I don’t like panettone too much, candied fruits fault! but I do like raisins so if 
it’s an only raisins panettone I’m glad to eat a big slice… but even if I don’t like 
candied fruits… this one [at number 20] is my favorite! it’s the pandolce genovese
and it’s our local traditional panettone [from genoa and liguria…] we call it low 
panettone, instead the one from milan is called tall panettone.

if you live in italy, or are here for your christmas holiday, try it, it’s worth it! 
the better one it’s form panarello, a historic genoa bakery, fresh from the oven 
of course, even if you could find it at the super market… you know, it’s not the same…

ehi curiosetti… have you noticed that… 
christmas it’s closer and closer! just few days!

day nineteen!
hallo curiosetti!
yesterday I completely forgot to post… just the day advent calendar ’cos I posted the
machboxes one… so I’m not guilty at all… I might have finished my christmas 
presents… and usually I put every wrapped box under my christmas tree…
could I put them under the garland?!

I’m preparing, just right now, the clay tags to identify every gift. I have decided
to made little christmas two-dimension ornaments and impress on every tag
the name of the lucky one who will receive it! if you have no time to personalize
your gift wrapping, may you could buy [if you are in NY or even in London… 
lucky you…] these beautiful christmas tag [at number 18] by kate spade!

day eighteen!

day seventeen!
jonathan adler matchbox! 

day sixteen!
I definitely love the christmas figurines by jim shore… are beautiful and warm, and
make me feel the christmas atmosphere here in my home! with the tree and the
christmas tree lights and ornaments of course, even if, as I said, this year I had not
made the tree due to sciré… I made two wonderful and festive garland!! that actually 
are shut off because sciré did not like the lights cable… well…

but I still have three big red and joyful santa [by jim shore] making home happy!

and now… let’s sing a song about frosty! do you know frosty? who? frosty the 
snowman of course, sang by gene autry! a classic christmas song!

day fifteen!
martha stewart has a lot of simple and beautiful solutions to make your gift more 
personal, just like these printable wine labels! I love the drink and be merry one!

day fourteen!
have you ever leaved cookies for santaI did… cookies and milk… I can clearly
remember my mom putting some cookies and the glass of milk on the table..
I think this year I will put again cookies on the table because I need santa to realize 
some wishes I really care for… and I have found the ultimate chocolate 
cookies recipe! santa will go crazy for!

I found it on friday and on sunday the cookies
were made and already eaten.. no one left.. sooo delicious! maybe I will post the recipe
after christmas, but now I really can’t ’cos I’m going to use these cookies as christmas
present for my friends…

the plate at number 14 is from west elm! adorable!

day thirteen!

day twelve!
yes virginia, there is santa claus!
when I heard this I smiled.. I was with my mother in front of macy’s, last year for
christmas, and the tale in the lively windows was telling the story about virginia,
a girl with a big question.. is there a santa claus? my mother and I were so delighted
that we went in to send a letter to santa! yeees! believe is the word…

we have taken a picture of the moment we posted the letter in the big and shiny
red mailbox! then my mum bought for me the book with the christmas tale
about virginia.. tomorrow I will read you some pieces from it!

ehi.. I believe!!

day eleven!

little snowglobe prints, obviously colorfully!

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