sabato 31 dicembre 2011

a bold new year's eve!

are you ready for the party?! the outfit for tonight should be bold, colored, eccentric! something that make you [and who's around you] happy.. because, as the saiyng goes, if your are happy on new year's eve you will be happy all year long [it's an italian proverb, and works with everything.. if you make smtg on new year's eve you will do the same all year long..]

well, to come back to our outfit.. I would like to wear all these in my post! [from kate spade of course, the queen of colors!] but it's not so easy finding collant colored as these.. only black and blue in our winter collection.. sigh.. so, fuxia dress and sparkling shoes, with a beauty little hat and two wonderful vintage earings [mrs. lilien would be proud of me tonight!]

love love
and happy new year!!!!

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