lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

I wish you, a white new beginning!

happy new year curiosetti!
white is the new color for january! are you surprised? from rainbow to no color
at all… but there is a reason! a new year is starting and we have to put a lot of
new things in it, we have to write a new story, to dream new dreams, to customize 
everything that comes into our life… and what is better to customize of a white 
new something? nothing I think!

so, let’s start customize and to add color to your new year!
I wish you a wonderful and magic 2012!

love love

1. a good glass of milk! yummy!  2. ivory corrigan chair . anthropologie  3. chocolate
chips meringues . photo by david prince  4. diamond snowflakes earrings . via mrs lilien
5. thought cloud sticky notes . kikkerland  6. acrylic spoon . sabre  7. color crush: cozy
neutral, december 15, 2011 . creature comforts  8. muse votive holder . jonathan adler

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