lunedì 3 giugno 2013


I was looking at kate spade saturday collection and I fell in love with the spirograph
series, so I wanna dedicate this post to the simple, colorful, happy and easy
spirograph art.

I loved it when I was a child, a free and quick movement, to see what was 
coming outevery time different, every time a single piece. so cute the idea
of apply it to bags and dresses!

browsing the web in search of inspirations, I came across with a lot of different
applications, embroidery, string art, porcelain decorations, beautiful jewels.
wow! this is a spirographic world! for sure I’m going to realize some string
spirograph art to hang on my wall! by the way, have I ever show you my wall 
of frames, the real one?

I have to… coming soon!

1. spirograph madness . si keshi  .  2. spiral set . magpie by style cookie  .
3. pea font . myfonts

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