martedì 2 luglio 2013

green as a palm in the sun

hallo curious people! what about a green pool essentials post today?
the one you can see above [3.] is my new bikini! I’m in love with it!

this really would be the perfect kit for my summer weekends! 
even the fried avocado… I have never tasted it but I think I will soon!
has anyone of you ever tasted it? is it delicious as it seems?!

1. straw hat . h&m  .  2. south of the border bon shopper . kate spade  .  3. tropical 
bikini . oysho  .  4. incontri lemon mint . sanpellegrino  .  5. kong wubba . kong  .  
6.  avocado fries . myrecipes  .  7. inflatable crocodile . intex

2 commenti:

  1. Oh sì...che voglia irrefrenabile di sole, mare, spiaggia e RELAX!