lunedì 1 luglio 2013

it’s a green green july

it’s green! the new color it’s a wild and shiny green! wild as nature and shiny 
as an emerald!

my wanderlust of discovering new places, new worlds, new tastes, is increasing 
so fast… but until august 10 I have to calm it down, so, let me dream about these 
new worlds and places with something to wear, to smell, to admire, to decorate!

giveaway update!
no one has won the giveaway, that’s why I think I will divide the prize between 
the first two curios people that leaved a comment on the giveaway post.
I need your name, surname and address, mail me at

1. green wrap . justina blakeney  .  2. tiger . ingela p arrhenius  .  3. one of the prizes 
of the giveaway! nail laquer . kiko  .  4. shades of green from kiko  .  5. blanket with 
elephant . little hip squeaks  .  6. banana leaf pillow . whitlock & co.

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