mercoledì 21 agosto 2013

a splash of mint… and milk!

ok, today it’s mint flavored! I use not to add sugar to my meal and snack, because 
of my blood sugar level, but there is days you cannot do without your childhood 
memories, and what brings them back better than smells and flavors? mint 
and milk was one of my favorites afternoon snacks when I was a child, as well
as bread, butter, and sugar [there will be a reason if I have high blood sugar…]

have you ever tasted it? of course you have to use top quality ingredients! a very 
good whole milk and a super quality mint syrup. here in italy the better one is 
tassoni, if you ever come through here… even sciré like it… [I let her lick the glass!]

1. mental latte & menta . fassi .  2. without a doubt part 2 . oliver jeffers  .  3. dog 
peppermint snack . hunter  .  4. whole milk . granarolo  .  5. mint leaf  .  6. mint & milk 
glass . carolina cenni  .  7. mint syrup . tassoni  .  8. bright mint stripes dog bow 
tie collar . silly buddy

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