martedì 20 agosto 2013

rothko en plein air

the past week has been relaxing and I never turned on my computer, not a minute, 
not a second… just sun, garden, swimming pool, sciré, seaside and good food
we have also found a new beautiful and vintage equiped beach, with red and 
white umbrella, comfy red beach beds, a crystal clear sea and a very good restaurant!

as every good thing, we found it by chance, and now we are so in love 
with this beach we have decided to reserve two beach beds for the next few 
saturdays of summer! 

dogs are not allowed, so unluckily sciré should stay at home [it’s not easy to find 
a dog-friendly beach in liguria, if not impossible]. moreover it is much easier to reach 
the coast by scooter than by car, due to queues and the very few parking spaces, 
and I really don’t know how we could put the little sciré on the scooter… 
but, she is so happy to stay home ’cos my parents-in-law have three german shepherd, 
and she loves to play with them all day long… of course this make us feel less guilty! 

in the picture above [that make me think about a rothko painting] she was waiting 
for me to find the tennis ball lost in the hedge… my little pampered doggy dog!

picture by me  ©virr

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