venerdì 9 agosto 2013

little green monsters!

so cute these little artworks by spielkkind. she plays with flowers, leaves, food… 
adding a few simple strokes of pen she creates little worlds.

she said that the child in her is still alive, but i think that in each of us, we that
put creativity in everyday life, for work and for passion, our inner child is still alive,
and sometimes… is even too much noisy!! how many times I feel bored of doing
dull things instead play with others much more interesting and creative!

for example… tomorrow we have that great event and the only thing I want right 
now is starting with a brand new project!! it’s a sort of designlust… like 
wanderlust, but for designers!  ;-)

1. scheinebaumel  .  2. liana  .  3. ruuuuuun  .  4. a little tortoise  .  5. chilling with
owls  .  6. reindeer  .  7. everyone is beautiful at the ballet . spielkkind

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