giovedì 7 novembre 2013

strumming away on my uke! aloha!

our trip to perù has been great! but so hard… every night a different hotel,
the luggage alway packed, 5 nights at more than 4500 mts of altitude, hours
and hours by bus and plane to go from a place to another.

we have seen amazing things, some with no human explanation [yes curiosetti,
I believe in the theory of person from future that came back in time…], some 
of such incredible beauty, landscape and nature and that kind of light, so bright
due to the rarefied air. have I said incredible? amazing? beautiful? that’s perù.
and avocados there are so gooood! palta rellena is my new summer favorite!

what about the ukulele?! last year I give a uke to ippo for his birthday.
he has never tried to learn about playing it so I have decided I wanna learn and play
something for him on tuesday [his birthday!]. I’m working hard… it’s not so easy
for someone that has never played a musical intrument! I will let you know…

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