venerdì 8 novembre 2013

oh my dog!

so cute this dog compositions! I wish I could have a new dog to play with sciré!
this reminds me of a song I use to listen some years ago, at my first workplace, 
from the you’ve got mail soundtrack, by harry nilsson. do you know the song

the puppy song

     dreams are nothing more than wishes and a wish is just a dream, 
     wish to come true

     if only I could have a puppy, I’d call myself so very lucky
     just to have some company to share a cup of tea with me

     I’ll take my puppy everywhere, la la la la, I wouldn’t care
     we’ll stay away from crowds with signs that say no dogs allowed

     oh we, we’d be so happy to be, together…

now… you know I will sing-a-long this song for the rest of the day?? 
happy week end curiosetti!

1. 99 dogs (and one cat) . bob staake  .  2. dogs . gerald guerlais  .  3. fox & wolves .

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