venerdì 10 giugno 2016

Cactus mania!

it’s cactus mania!
everywhere you click you will find a cactus, blog, magazine, design shops, also all the 
newsletter I have received in the last few days was telling me I really really 
really need a cactus in my life.

and yes, it’s true!

actually I have ever loved cactus [who don’t?!], maybe ’cos are the only plants that 
survive to my green fingers… even if these days I have a beautiful pink hibiscus 
blooming in my garden! but… sssht! do not say it out too loud… 

anyway, these [here above] are my favorite cactus of the moment!

1. neon light . sunny life  .  2. marquee cactus . saw and steel  .  3. wall of flower -
cactus growth chart . virr on etsy and a little market  .  4. knitted cactus cushion .
homely creatures  .  5. cacti coasters . clive roddy  .  6. wire sculpture . monica soria  .
7.  cactus in ceramica . mv%ceramics

[the cactus at number 5. could also be a wooden toy for children, don’t you think?]


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