mercoledì 8 giugno 2016

thank you creativity! episode #3

and this is the third creative exercise published on  Thank You Creativity 
for Cannes Lions

I should say this is my favorite one, we use to play with rhyme and song a lot 
when we are under pressure for days, when the ideas seems to be there but 
you can’t catch them, when our brain are tired and we need some fresh air 
to change our mindset and thought… and I also use it to make my little one go 
to sleep at night… we sing and rhyme everything, from what we had had for breakfast 
to what we will do the next day!

she loves it! and I know you’ll do!

Sing It Out Loud

read your brief out loud or to yourself, creating a poem, a nursery rhyme, one line 
at a time for each one.  The further you go, the more fun it is and the better your 
result will be! free your mind!

so that’s it, one, two and three exercise by Sir Fred to “boost your brainpower”!

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