venerdì 15 luglio 2016

Picnic essentials

the weekend is coming, beaches are crowded, lakes shores are infested 
by mosquitos… so, what’s better than a picnic to spend your day off?
good food, the shadow of a tree and why not? you could also get a tan.

here are some essentials you need for the perfect picnic!

but first let me tell you that I’m totally in love with that hat!! I should pin it
in my scissor paper glue board, it seem very easy to be diy.
just have to find a right straw hat!

1. something to drink, a fresh juice, better with no added sugar . babalove
2, 7. a temporary tattoo in the mood of the day, to feel part of nature
and camouflage yourself with the environment around you. butterfly and bug
3. that hat!  .  cheeky straw hat  . yestadt millinery
4. a flowery bikini, ok this one is not from this summer collection, but I love it, 
and you can find something alike, flowers are always a trend in summer  .
floral and fruit bikini . dolce & gabbana
5. sunglasses. never without  .  tuttolente paloma green . retrosuperfuture
6. a bag! or how could you bring everything?  shicato
8. a location where your picnic can take place. if you live in italy you can find
it with the this app by fai - fondo ambiente italiano
9. I don’t know you but I always find flowers and tree I cannot identify.
with this app you can satisfy your curiosity. or try too…

happy weekend curious people

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