venerdì 9 settembre 2016

a splash of relax

actually, I do not really love having bath

but images of people having bath are always so relaxing and calm. you can hear the silence, that no-sound you hear when you submerge your ears in the water. the idea of bath itself is tempting, but then, when you are in the water, it’s not so comfortable, don’t you think?

yes at first you melt with the hot water, smell the soap fragrance, close your eyes… then you start slipping everywhere, after a minute your neck suffer and water do not seem so hot and cuddling as it was just a minute before, a shiver runs down your spine

well… ok I’m a shower person, that’s it, and I’m very jealous of you, bath person, that really enjoy your bathtub!

happy and relaxing weekend, shower or bath people, you are in any case the curious one of mine!

1. lady in bath pillow  .  2, 4. pia bramley  .   3. lee price oil painting  .  5. jean julien skate board

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