mercoledì 7 settembre 2016

Feeling sleepy…

after a night passed out cuddling and rocking and singing lullabies, [these damn canines do not want to come out…] you go on all day yawning and waiting for the evening to come…

but days are so long when you are tired… thank gods today is a sunny day! and canines are the last step of teething!! yay!

I love these three images of people sleeping.

the position of her in the first one is mine, but prillis sleep over my head all night long after she come in our bed at about 2 in the night… but we have also our lovely dog, that sleep with us from 6 in the morning until we wake up. and she sleep just on the right side of the moon in the image, straight between me and pi. one day I will make an illustration of us, maybe while they sleep and I am not.

good night happy long afternoon curios people!

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