mercoledì 21 settembre 2016

Back to school

last week schools have opened for the new year. 
I have always loved this period of the year when I was a child, to me it meant
new pens, colors, backpack and brand new notebooks and diary to be filled 
with moments and friends.

to my other probably it meant new school smock and of course new and giant 
collars for that smock!

today I sigh bothered when I have to wait for long at the crossroad to make that 
river of happy student cross the street.

even if I hope my little prillis will never grow up, a part of me is looking 
forward to her first day of school, so I will buy her a new backpack, pens,
notebooks, diary and of course a smock!
[for sure her smock will be hand made by firulì firulà! like the one here above…]

1. firulì firulà  .  2.  lyra pencil  .  3. giotto super washable .  4. herschel kids  .  5. scrivere italico  .  6. write sketch & [milano]  .  7. arbos

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