giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

let me eat (chocolate) cakes!

hallo curiosetti!
today is probably the first cold day of the season… I have little cold shivers staying 
here sit in front of my computer… I would like a cup of hot milk and a slice of cake, 
chocolate cake of course, to dip in… mmmh… 

paul ferney, the artist who painted these beautiful and decadent cakes, has called this 
series let them eat cake… so let me eat chocolate cake!!! I have to find a recipe 
for a wet and soft chocolate cake… I don’t like the breakfast cake, so stringy that you 
could strangle if don’t have a cup of milk… I want the ultimate chocolate cake! 
d’you have the recipe for me?!

1. two tier  2. carrot ginger  3. old fashioned  4. chocolate cake  5. 4 layer cake . all images by paul ferney  [wallpaper images ice cream clouds tutorial by forty-sixth at grace]

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  1. yes I’m telling it to myself… but I really love this post image!!